Our Story

First let's describe what a klick is. A klick is a term used in 3 of the 4 navigational categories to represent one kilometer, originally used by various militaries. The word klick was carried on due to a soldier resetting the gas regulator with his thumb every measured kilometer walked which caused an audible "click" instead of verbal communication. Today the term klick in the US military is used not only in navigation but also to represent 1 minute of arc or 1in of adjustment at 100 yards while sighting in a rifle.
The name 3 Klicks East means "If you've lost sight of your dream look to the east and watch the sunrise. Every sunrise is a new opportunity, keep moving 3 klicks at a time in its direction and you'll never follow the dark behind you." 3 Klicks East officially became a registered business 1/7/20 after designing the logo, name and purpose and just going for it. The owner currently works full time managing a light rail train site but eventually longs to travel and build 3 Klicks East into a community driven, purposeful company who spreads the joy of the outdoors with everyone.
Follow us on our journey!!! 
3 klicks east